load capacity

3 kg

max height

6.71 m

Introducing the JCB 930 Rough Terrain Forklift – a rugged and reliable solution designed to excel in the most challenging environments. Built to handle tough terrains with ease, the JCB 930 is the ideal choice for construction sites, agriculture, and industrial applications where reliability and performance are paramount.

Powered by a robust engine, the JCB 930 delivers exceptional lifting capability and fuel efficiency. Its advanced hydraulic system ensures smooth and precise operation, enabling operators to maneuver heavy loads with confidence and control. The forklift is equipped with a high ground clearance and large, durable tires, making it perfectly suited for rough and uneven terrains.

The operator’s cabin is designed for maximum comfort and productivity, featuring an ergonomic layout, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility. This ensures that operators can work efficiently and comfortably, even in demanding conditions. The JCB 930 also boasts a rugged chassis and reinforced mast, providing outstanding durability and stability for handling heavy loads.

Safety is a top priority with the JCB 930. It includes features such as load moment indicators, stability sensors, and a robust braking system to ensure safe and secure operations. The forklift’s easy maintenance and servicing access points further enhance its reliability and reduce downtime, keeping your operations running smoothly.

With its combination of power, durability, and advanced features, the JCB 930 Rough Terrain Forklift stands out as a leader in its class. Whether you’re moving materials on a construction site, working in agricultural fields, or handling industrial tasks, the JCB 930 delivers the performance and reliability you need to get the job done efficiently and safely. Trust in JCB’s legacy of quality and innovation to elevate your material handling capabilities.

Standard warranty applies. 2000hrs/100,000km or 1 year, whichever comes first.

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