BW 213 DH-5






Horse Power

140 hp

Working Width

2,130 mm

Unveiling the BW 213 DH-5 Bomag Compactor – the heavyweight champion in our esteemed lineup, specially crafted for the most robust construction challenges. As the heavy-duty stalwart in our fleet, the BW 213 DH-5 is engineered to conquer any construction project, providing the load-bearing subsoil essential for your endeavors.

In the realm of single drum rollers, diversity in specifications is paramount. Recognizing this, BOMAG presents the BW 213 DH-5, a compactor designed to adapt seamlessly to the intricacies of construction projects. Whether you’re working adjacent to a listed house or engaged in conventional road construction, this powerhouse compactor ensures a compaction method tailored to your unique needs.

Belonging to the BW 211–BW 216-5 family, these models are not just machines; they are the heavy-duty solution for larger projects. Whether it’s major site compaction or road construction, inside or outside towns, the BW 213 DH-5 stands tall, ready to meet and exceed the demands of your most significant endeavors. Trust in BOMAG’s expertise as you venture into construction projects where strength and reliability are non-negotiable.

Standard warranty applies. 2000hrs/100,000km or 1 year, whichever comes first.

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