Product Types

Motor graders are precision construction machines specifically designed for fine grading and surface leveling tasks. These versatile vehicles feature a long, adjustable blade situated between the front and rear axles, which can be precisely controlled to create smooth, even surfaces. The blade can be angled, tilted, and lifted to shape materials such as soil, gravel, and asphalt accurately.

Primarily used in road construction, maintenance, and large-scale infrastructure projects, motor graders are essential for tasks such as creating roadbeds, shaping shoulders, and forming drainage ditches. Their precise control and adaptability make them invaluable in challenging environments where accuracy is paramount. Additionally, motor graders can be equipped with various attachments, like scarifiers and rippers, to further enhance their functionality for specialized applications.

Operators control motor graders from a centrally located cab, providing excellent visibility and control over the grading process. With their ability to deliver fine, detailed work efficiently, motor graders are critical to the success of construction and maintenance projects, ensuring high-quality, smooth surfaces essential for safe and durable infrastructure.