At Stewart Industrial, we understand that reliable, high-quality parts are the lifeblood of your heavy equipment and commercial vehicles. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with access to the finest parts, supplies and accessories in the industry. When you choose Stewart Industrial for your parts needs, you are choosing a partner committed to your equipment’s optimal performance and longevity.

Our extensive parts inventory includes coverage for a wide range of heavy-duty and industrial equipment, trucks and buses. We cater primarily for all brands under the Stewart Industrial portfolio such as Komatsu, JCB, Clark, Maximal & Mitsubishi (buses & trucks). We’re proud to be the local dealer for these trusted brands, ensuring that you have access to the right part at the right time.

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At Stewart Industrial, we boast an expansive parts inventory designed to meet the diverse needs of heavy-duty and industrial equipment, as well as trucks and buses.

Our comprehensive coverage ensures that we cater primarily to all brands under the Stewart Industrial portfolio, including Bobcat, Freightliner, Komatsu, JCB, Clark, Maximal, and Mitsubishi (buses & trucks).

As the local dealer for these trusted brands, we take pride in providing you with access to the right part at the right time, guaranteeing seamless operations and minimizing downtime.

With our commitment to excellence and reliability, Stewart Industrial remains your trusted partner for all your parts needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your equipment and vehicles.

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New Parts

Explore our extensive selection of high-quality new parts, meticulously sourced to ensure reliability and performance for your equipment needs.


Authorized Dealer for the world renown AC Delco batteries and provider of the affordable local brand Tiger Power Batteries.


Enhance your equipment’s capabilities with our versatile range of attachments, designed to tackle a variety of tasks with precision and efficiency.

Why you choose genuine parts

Quality Assurance

Genuine parts are manufactured to meet the brand's strict quality standards. This ensures that the parts are reliable, durable, and perform optimally, which can enhance the overall performance and lifespan of the product.


In industries like automotive and aviation, using genuine parts is critical for safety. These parts undergo rigorous testing to meet safety standards and regulations, reducing the risk of accidents or malfunctions.

Warranty Support

When you buy genuine parts from a brand dealer, you often receive warranty coverage for those parts. This means that if the part fails prematurely or has defects, you can typically get a replacement or repair at no extra cost.


Genuine parts are designed to fit perfectly with the original equipment. This reduces the risk of compatibility issues and ensures that the part will work seamlessly with the rest of the product.

Cost Savings

While genuine parts may be more expensive upfront compared to generic or aftermarket alternatives, they often provide better long-term value. They are less likely to fail, leading to fewer repairs and replacements over time.


Genuine parts are built to last. They are tested and backed by the manufacturer, so you can be confident that they will perform as expected and will not fail prematurely.