Code of Conduct

It is the Company’s duty to create and maintain an environment that fosters respect, teamwork, and a high standard of work ethic. In order to accomplish this, the Company must ensure appropriate standards of conduct and good discipline amongst its employees.

  1. Employees are required at all times to conduct themselves in a manner which respects the integrity and dignity of everyone, and which encourages high standards of ethical conduct both professionally and personally, whether to team members, customers, or visitors.
  2. The Company is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free of discrimination, and therefore will not tolerate any form of harassment targeted towards employees, customers, or visitors. Unwelcome conduct, whether verbal, physical, or visual, that is directed towards an individual’s protected status, such as gender, colour, race, ancestry, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, citizenship status, or other group status will not be tolerated.
  3. Employees are all responsible for helping to ensure the avoidance of harassment. If an employee feels that he/she has experienced or witnessed harassment, he/she should notify the Manager/Supervisor or the Human Resources Department immediately.
  4. Romantic relationships  between staff members are discouraged; however, all romantic relationships between staff members must be privately disclosed to the HR Department. If the Company determines that a romantic relationship between employees poses a conflict of interest, the Company reserves the right to transfer either or both parties to a different department.
  5. Telephones at work are for conducting Company business. Employees should not receive personal telephone calls while on duty unless it is an emergency. When the telephone does ring in your area, it is part of your job to answer it in a polite and courteous manner within three rings. At no time should the ringer volumes on Company landline telephones be turned off.
  6. The use of cellular telephones is to be kept to a Cellular phones should be set to an appropriate and moderate ringtone and volume.
  7. Employees should not engage in solicitation or distribution during working hours and in work areas, unless special permission has been granted by your Manager/Supervisor. This includes the following:
    1. Circulation of petitions
    2. Distribution and posting of advertising materials
    3. Collection of money for charitable or other purposes
    4. Private sale of merchandise or services
    5. Promotion of membership in any Organization
  8. Loans among employees or between employees and customers are strictly As such, the Company is not responsible for any of these transactions that may occur.
  9. Employees must not engage in betting and gaming on the Company’s
  10. Discourteous behaviour, physical violence, or disorderly or disturbing conduct of any nature, and especially directed to persons conducting business with the Company is prohibited while on Company property, whether on or off
  11. Employees must be courteous and polite at all times to our customers, suppliers, vendors and Fraternizing with, or accepting drinks, meals or other such tokens of appreciation from persons conducting business with the Company is to be discouraged, unless with the prior approval of the Manager/Supervisor.
  12. Employees are only authorized to use the Internet for business purposes. The Company strictly prohibits any unauthorized use of the Internet (i.e. watching videos and/or visiting non-work related websites).
  13. Employees must not engage in the solicitation of the Company’s customers for work.
  14. Employees should not during his/her employment with the Company render his/her services, whether for considerations or not, to any competing person, business or organization, or any supplier or vendor of the Company.
  15. Employees are not permitted to carry USB memory sticks or any other type of portable memory device to work unless given prior permission by the Directors, in order to protect Company.
  16. Storing Company information on personal laptops, phones or any other personal device is strictly prohibited.
  17. Employee parking is provided for employees who drive to work and need to park their vehicles. At no time should employees use the parking spaces reserved for customers.
  18. Employees should not use Company property and facilities for their own personal use, without prior approval from their Manager/Supervisor.
  19. Lunch and other meals must be eaten in the designated. Employees must not remain idle in their work areas during lunch period.