Komatsu is a globally recognized industry leader providing essential equipment, technologies, and services across various sectors, including construction, mining, forestry and manufacturing. With a commitment to advancing the capabilities of heavy machinery, Komatsu’s extensive product range includes excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, front end loaders and more.

The company distinguishes itself through a global service and distributor network that supports customer operations. Leveraging the power of data and technology, Komatsu aims to enhance safety, productivity, and overall performance in diverse industries. As a trailblazer in innovation, Komatsu continually shapes the future of heavy equipment, offering solutions that align with the evolving needs of businesses worldwide.

Komatsu’s Komtrax system provides real-time data insights that empower businesses to optimize performance, enhance productivity, and ensure operational efficiency. With advanced telematics technology, Komtrax enables remote monitoring of Komatsu machines, offering vital information on location, usage, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs. This comprehensive system enables proactive fleet management, predictive maintenance scheduling, and cost-effective operations, ultimately driving profitability and success for businesses worldwide.

Trust in Komatsu and Komtrax to deliver unparalleled reliability, innovation, and efficiency in the construction and mining industries.

Operating Weight: 32,600 kg
Fuel: Diesel
Operating Weight: 20,900 kg
Fuel: Diesel
PC200-10M0 CE
Operating Weight: 20,300 kg
Fuel: Diesel
Operating Weight: 19,510 kg
Fuel: Diesel
Operating Weight: 20,000 kg
Fuel: Diesel
Operating Weight: 17,510 kg
Fuel: Diesel