BOMAG is a world renowned company that specializes in providing solutions for compaction technology and road construction. With a rich history spanning decades, BOMAG has established itself as a global leader in manufacturing a wide range of compaction equipment, asphalt pavers, and recycling solutions. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability has made them a trusted partner for construction professionals worldwide. BOMAG’s cutting-edge technology and dedication to customer satisfaction continue to drive advancements in the construction industry, ensuring efficiency and excellence in every project.

BW 213 DH-5
Operating Weight: 12,720 kg
Fuel: Diesel
BW 190 AD-5
Operating Weight: 11,850 kg
Fuel: Diesel
BW 138 AC-5
Operating Weight: 4,150 kg
Fuel: Diesel
BW 120 AD-5
Operating Weight: 2,700 kg
Fuel: Diesel